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Where to begin (again)?

It seems, I am spectacularly bad at keeping up to date with a blog. I can churn out tens of thousands of words each year, hundreds of thousands, create worlds and people and plots and magic systems, but when it comes to writing a blog post, I freeze!

I have no idea where I'm supposed to start this, or restart it, seeing as I did such an awful job before (seriously, check out the date on my last blog post--just over three years ago)! Do I start with the whirlwind rollercoaster of querying? Or how revising with a real-live-agent went? Or how I survived sub (because people do not talk about that enough)? Or maybe more about my book and the fabulous, talented, and amazing people who saw me and my witches in their slush piles?

I'm not sure. So I might just pop this here and squee quietly in the corner all over again--and write a more cohesive post soon!

I'm starting 2023 full of hope and excitement and a heck of a lot of editing!

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